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          Processing capacity and service

          Material and semi finished product service plan

          一, OEM

          1,Process according to the drawingAccording to the requirements of materials, technology and quality, we can make customized products;

          2,Recommendation of processing schemeThe experienced engineering and technical team of An'an new material recommends the whole set of processing technology for the products being developed by customers;

          二,ODM processing

          According to the customers' requirements for the function and performance of the parts, An'an new material team can carry out ODM development for them, from product development and design to production and delivery.

          • Select material and determine processing plan

            According to the requirements of product function and mechanical properties, recommend suitable materials for customers, and design complete die drawings;

          • Mold design

            According to the demand of products, we suggest the appropriate mold material and mold size to optimize the mold cost and product unit price.

          • Extrusion and machining scheme/span>

            According to the product accuracy requirements and assembly requirements to determine the extrusion and machining program.

          • Surface treatment plan

            According to the product use environment and corrosion resistance requirements, recommend the appropriate surface treatment scheme.

          • design optimization

            According to the assembly and use characteristics of the product, optimize the product structure again.

          Finished product assembly service plan

          In addition to the processing of raw materials and semi-finished products, Anxin also provides customers with finished product assembly services

          1,Purchase other process material parts inside the assembly parts, such as injection parts, stamping parts, etc;

          2,Arrange the existing assembly line or set up a special assembly line separately

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