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          Corporate Culture

          Industry standards|

          Let the standard become the habit, let the habit conform to the standard.

          An'an strictly implements all kinds of work standards, always implements 6S management system, and starts from sorting, rectifying, cleaning, literacy, safety and other aspects, so as to make employees' behavior conform to the norms. Only when the standards become habits and make the habits conform to the standards, can the enterprise have a steady stream of vitality, so as to continuously create profits and sustainable development.

          Corporate vision|

          One hundred years of inheritance, leading the industry.

          In the future, An'an new material will continue to optimize the product structure and industrial structure adjustment, improve its comprehensive strength, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, build An'an brand, and strive to build the enterprise into a leading inheritance enterprise in the industry in quality, management, technology and other aspects.

          Corporate mission|

          Create value for customers

          Customized service and excellent product quality are the responsibility and commitment of An'an to customers. An'an will go hand in hand with customers to create more benefits for customers and create a better future together.

          Make employees successful

          Employees are the driving force of the enterprise. An'an will grow together with employees, return and share with them with more excellent achievements, and give them more benefits, more sense of belonging and achievement.

          Create harmony for the society

          An'an is committed to being a socially responsible and value creating heritage enterprise. We will continue to expand employment opportunities, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and create a harmonious and warm environment for employees and enterprises.

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